Monday, August 13, 2012

trust n love

Alot of women have trust issues. Some has been hurt,disappointed and misused. Trust is a serious thing when you have been abused. People telling you lies not caring about the tears you crie. So women say forget a man and keep their feelings inside. Then when they find a good one that's there for them. They afraid to swallow their pride. Scared to let someone inside. Been hurt so many times. Don't know who to run to when they need love mind is so confused women want someone to share their empty space with they used to being treated so cold. That when u tell them they're worth more than gold. They not gone understand because their used to feeling like shit. The love she has for u is deep. But don't wanna express it. So the love she holds. Sometimes its because daddy wasn't with mommy all her life without daddy she's bound.don't know who to trust or u frown felling down.don't wanna except your crown.thinking everybody's the same.feels that everybody you meet is on games. It is a dam shame but I wont let u slip away all women want is someone to trust n love and to have someone that's gone hold them. Trust n love is all we ever need. Don't get into no relationship if u not ready to plant that and hold your heart mind soul. Women are special and they are doves. Men stop fucking up so women can trust n love.

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